Communication Axess Ability Group, better known in Southeast Texas as CAAG, is the realization of the vision of the 4 entrepreneurs Dave Hancock, Rita Wedgeworth, Everett Puckett and Jerry Jahn who set out with the goal of providing a high-end Sign language interpreting service to Texas and the nation that represented reliability, quality and care to the Deaf Community, Sign language interpreters, its customers, and its employees. This vision can be summed up in CAAG's motto, "Communication Matters!"


Dave Hancock

One of the CAAG 4, Dave Hancock launched Communication Axess along with Jery Jahn and Rita Wedgeworth and helped develop the vision that they could create an interpreting agency that focused on the Community, the profession and the customer with reliability, quality and care. He runs the CAAG Resource Specialist Program and supports customer contracts.

Jerry Jahn

One of the CAAG 4, Jerry Jahn launched Communication Axess along with Dave Hancock and Rita Wedgeworth. He hails from the private sector. With a background in finance and technology he serves as the backbone of accounting and information technology for CAAG.

Rita Wedgeworth

One of the CAAG 4, Rita Wedgeworth grew up with her Deaf grandparents and is a veteran Master Sign language interpreter. Along with Dave Hancock and Jerry Jahn, Rita developed the vision that they could create an interpreting agency that focused on the Community, the profession and the customer with reliability, quality and care. She supports the CAAG Resource Specialist Program and professional development for CAAG's interpreters.

Everett Puckett

One of the CAAG 4, Everett Puckett began his career as a Sign language interpreter working with Deaf-Blind individuals. Now a veteran certified interpreter, he joined Communication Axess and through his leadership and a focus on the customer experience helped them grow to one of the largest Sign language interpreting agencies in the state of Texas and the nation.

Kate Johnson

A veteran interpreter of over 20 years, with 10 of those years in interpreter management, Kate Johnson oversees all interpreter operations for CAAG including interpreter coordination/scheduling and supervision of CAAG's highly qualified interpreters.

A veteran interpreter of over 30 years, with 10 of those years employed with CAAG. Kim Hunt is the manager of training and development for Staff Interpreters as well as mentoring interns from various interpreter-training programs and the community.

Everett Puckett

Hailing from the private sector, Althea Johnson is a highly qualified CPA and, under Jerry Jahn, runs all of accounting services for Communication Axess.

Blank Picture

LaRhonda comes to CAAG with a background in a Deaf-centric non-profit organization. She now serves in a leadership role for interpreter operations, including interpreter coordination and oversight, in the Austin Texas area.


With strong ties to the Deaf Community and Sign language interpreting profession, Communication Axess hires only nationally or Texas State certified interpreters who also meet additional quality standards set by Communication Axess. This gives its customers confidence that they can rely on Communication Axess’ services for all of their Sign language interpreting needs.


Communication Axess understands that taking care of its contracts, Deaf consumers, and employees is a critical component to providing a high end interpreting service. This means going the extra mile to ensure that every interpreting request, no matter how big or small is handled with personal attention and care.


Communication Axess’ certified Sign language interpreters are qualified to handle a large range of interpreting situations from legal, medical, business and government to education interpreting all the way from pre-school to doctorate programs. Spanish tri-lingual interpreters, Deaf interpreters, and tactile interpreters for the DeafBlind are also available.


Communication Axess provides this high quality service on-site or remotely through video. For video remote interpreting (VRI) Communication Axess uses some of the most advanced video technology used around the world that is customized to fit the needs of the customer and Deaf consumer.


  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Government
  • Business
  • Technology
  • Educational


... of a Community based agency that focuses on reliability, quality and care.